About Stephanie

Who am I anyway? On a personal level, I've been married to my soul mate for 20 years, I'm the mother of a 16 year old son, Geoffrey, and an 17 year old daughter, Victoria, and the caretaker of so many stephanie and kidspets you don't even want to know how many. Let's just say the bill to board our two dogs, two cats, mice, iguana, Ball python, turtles and zebra finches while we went on vacation was more than our cabin rental. We love to go to the mountains every summer, but our hearts are here in South Florida, where I have lived most of my life.

I got a late start at being a mom because I had an undiagnosed thyroid disorder, Grave's Disease. I didn't find out I had it until I started consulting doctors to find out why I couldn't get pregnant. Once the problem was treated, I got pregnant but had several miscarriages. Finally we adopted our daughter, then I got pregnant with our son. So at 42 I had two babies, back to back, 11 months apart. Ladies, don't try this at home yourself. You will be one tired old mother.

I got a late start in my professional career too. I didn't attend college until I was 29, then I went after my education in a Big Way. I earned my B.A. in psychology, summa cum laude, when I was 32. After that my husband and I went to graduate school in clinical psychology at Virginia Tech. I earned my MS in 1984 and my PhD in 1988. 

For over 10 years, my private practice focused on child abuse and neglect, and I've published and presented in the areas of childhood depression and children's eyewitness testimony. Working constantly with child abuse victims and victimizers, sex offenders, and criminal psychopaths is an interesting line of work, but one that promotes burnout without other interests to provide perspective and distance from such emotionally charged topics. 

Accordingly, in addition to my work as a psychologist, I have done a great deal of freelance writing. I wrote part of a children's book called "The Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico," and have written a number of popular, non-fiction magazine articles. After spending about 8 years maintaining this PhotoImpact site, concurrent with the arrival of PI 10, I burned out on writing books and tutorials about PI. In the last few years I have been doing mostly 3D work with Poser and Cinema 4D. You can find out more about my 3D work on my Faery Moon site.



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