Photos From Hell #3: Weeds Everywhere

This challenging image comes from my friend Pat Hinds, who took a photo of Meatloaf and little Igmo. She challenged us in the PIBB to fix it up. Unfortunately, there are tons of weeds in this photo, many of them covering up the essential beauty of the shot.

before cloning

This photo benefited from the judicious application of the Clone Paintbrush tool, almost exclusively. I used it at various sizes, using a smaller brush (size=5 or so) when cloning over small weeds, and using a larger brush (up to size=50) when larger areas had to be cloned out. I made sure to clone from above and below the areas I wanted to clone out, so avoid a "repeated" look in the cloned areas.

An essential dilemma in cloning out the weeds was what to do with the weeds left in the foreground. I decided that they looked weird standing there leading up to nothing, so I got rid of them by cloning areas of grass and shrubby things and covering up the large stalks that had covered Meatloaf's face. I left some small shrubby weeds around the feet, where you would expect to see them naturally.

To cover up some slight blotching due to repeated cloning on Meatloaf's side, I used the Dodge Retouch tool, Spotlight preset, to uniformly lighten the area and get rid of the contrast that caused the blotching.

Now you can see Meatloaf and Igmo.

after cloning 

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