PI8 Cutout Text Button

Now that we can make selections on objects, here's an easy way to do cutout text on buttons. Start with a button or other object to which you want to add a text cutout. Make the button in a white base image.

make a button

If you're using a Path object for the button, edit its attributes to your satisfaction before you add text. Then choose Object, Convert Object Type, From Text/Path to Image.

Make sure white is your Background color in the Tool Panel.

Background color is white

Select the Text tool. Choose a font and font size that works well for the button. Font color and Mode don't matter. Type in the desired text directly on the button. While the Text object is active, right click, Select All Objects. Then right click, Align, Center Both. This will center the text on the button.

add textand center on button

Hit Enter to deselect the objects. With the Text tool, click on the text object to make it active. In the Attributes toolbar, choose Selection from the Mode dropdown list. This will turn the Text object into a selection.

choose selection mode

Use the Selection tool to click the button object to make it active (or click its thumbnail in the Layer Manager).

Hit the Delete key to fill the text selection area with white (the Background color).

hit Delete key

While the object is still active, right click and choose Shadow. Add a shadow to enhance the cutout effect. I like to add a small, sharp shadow with these attributes.

add a shadow

Hit the Enter bar to deselect the button object. You'll be left with the selection area marquee. Right click on the selection and choose None to get rid of the selection marquee.

cutout button

While the base image is active, fill it with a different color or background image, if you wish to do so. Then save the button for use on that color or image background.

fill background with color

fill background with texture

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