PI8 Diffuse Glow Filter

diffuse glow applied to photo

Among the more beautiful new Photographic filters is Diffuse Glow. This filter is terrific for enhancing dappled sunlight and images with high contrast. It creates a gauzy, ethereal look that is very appealing.

Diffuse Glow brightens an entire image by intensifying the brightness of its highlights. So if you want to get more highlights, consider adjusting Highlight Midtone Shadow values before applying Diffuse Glow. That's what I did with this photo, which you can use to follow along with the tutorial.

Open the photo up in the work space. Choose Effect, Photographic, Diffuse Glow to open the filter's dialog box. The default values are a bit too bright for this particular photo, so I've edited them as shown in the screen shot below.

diffuse glow dialog box

The Threshold value controls the amount of the image to which the effect will be applied. A lower value results in more highlights. I've left the default value as it is. The "Degree of glow" controls the intensity of the glow effect, with higher values resulting in more glow. The default of 7 was a bit too strong, so take it down to 6. Graininess adds noise to the effect. I like the look of less Graininess on this photo, but do experiment because higher levels can add an interesting texture to images.

Finally, there's the "Glow color." By Default, it's white, and white works well with this particular photo. But if you wish to change the Glow color, you can do so here. That's what I did in the next photo. I right clicked in the "Glow color" box and chose Eyedropper, then I selected a very pale gray from the image itself for the glow.

different glow color

For images with delicate colors, remember that you can edit the "Degree of glow" down to create a more subtle effect. This photo was edited with a "Degree of glow" value of only 3, with a very pale violet "Glow color" and a high "Graininess" level that almost makes it look like a painting.

lower degree of glow

This tutorial uploaded 9/26/02

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