PI8 Gradient Filter

PI8 includes a number of stunning new photo editing filters. This tutorial shows you how to use the Gradient Filter to apply two color gradients to photos to correct color casts or to create fantasy effects.

gradient filter effect

I used this photo courtesy of Craig Geiss. He has granted permission for you to use it to follow along with the tutorial.

With the image open in the work space, select Effect, Photographic, Gradient Filter. The dialog box opens to default settings. Notice the broken horizontal line with a red dot in the middle of the Before view. This line can be dragged up or down in the Before window to modify the area to which the gradient preset will be applied. For example, if you wanted to apply a gradient to the sky only, you could drag the red dot upwards to the horizon line.

default preset selected

On the right side of the dialog box is the After view, which shows the results of the default Blue preset attributes. The attributes of the preset (Amount, Edge softness, Direction) can be edited. For example, editing the Amount value downward could lighten up the overly-blue blue tint shown in the screen shot below.

default attributes

Click on the various Preset thumbnails to observe their effects on the image in the After window. There are a number of lovely presets, but let's make our own for this photo. I'm going to add a purple-to-green gradient to this image.The gradient will be diagonal, starting in the upper right corner. To create this diagonal, drag the Direction control's red square to 52 or so.

drag Direction control

You'll see that the dotted red line slants on a diagonal in the Before window. Drag the red dot over to the right a bit and slightly upward, as shown below.

line on a slant

Let's edit the Filter Colors for the gradient. Click in the First Color square and mix a purple shade (RGB=186, 91, 255) in the Ulead Color Picker. Click in the Second Color square and select the light, mossy green color from the standard colors (RGB=194, 206, 153).

The First Color will be applied (mostly) to the sky, creating a dramatic purple shade. It will fade into the Second Color, a light green which will darken the greens in the landscape in a subtle fashion. Click the Preview button to see the effect applied to the photo.

Click Undo and Redo a few times to see how the gradient filter changes its appearances. If you're not satisfied, click Continue to return to the Gradient Filter dialog box. Edit until you're happy with the way the effect looks. If you want to save the effect, click the Add button to open the Add to EasyPalette dialog box. Give the preset Gradient Filter a name and save it to My Gallery.

Click OK to close the Gradient Filter dialog box and apply the effect. Once you've used this filter a few times you may find that you can spend hours trying out different color gradients. Remember that you can edit the presets, or create your own filter.

Below are is another Before and After example of Gradient Filter effects. Click on the After thumbnail to view the effect on a full size image.



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