PhotoImpact 8 and XL Tutorials


All 43 of my PI8 and PI XL tutorials are available now CD here. And don't forget the PI8 Basics which contain a lot of useful information about using PI8.

43. Polished Portrait Technique

Create a pearlized, polished effect for your portraits and other special images. UFO object included.

42. Valentine Card

This tutorial provides a cute cupid image so you can make easy Valentine cards.

41. Holiday Greeting Card

Tired of paying a bundle for pretty holiday cards? Here's how to make your own with Print Multiple (graphic and desktop included).

40. Sunlight Filter (XL)

This new filter functions as a hybrid of light, color correction and gaussian blur. It's very handy for redistributing and tinting light for photo enhancement.

39. Make a Moondance Desktop (XL)

Learn to use the new Moon filter to make a desktop for your computer.

38. Watermark

Create a simple watermark to protect your images online.

37. Positioning Effects Precisely

You can boss your lightning and particles around -- this tutorial shows how to make them appear exactly where you want them to be.

36. Deconstructing a Web Paqe Template

Learn how to take apart and edit an original faery-themed web page template, including rollover buttons.

35. Poser Post Renders

PI8 makes it very easy to tweak your Poser post render images.

34. Digital Painting Brush Presets

Brush presets make it quick and easy to find just the right brush color, transparency, soft edge and other attributes. Import mine and make your own original landscape painting.

33. Slide Show Web Page

Build a web page with my sea creatures slide show template and attach a slide show Script Effect to one of the objects on the page.

32. CSS Web Page

Learn the easy way to link to a style sheet so you can add zip to your PI-created web pages.

31. Sepia Rollover Buttons

Make stylish rollovers that start out sepia and reveal color on mouseover.

30. Sepia Duotone Variations

Edit the transparency of a sepia duotone to let the most tender bit of color show through.

29. Brighter Smile Photo Edit

Here's a very easy way to remove color casts to whiten and brighten a picture perfect smile.

28. Printed Stationery

Make your own printed stationery from my UFO kit with new pastel country butterfly objects.

27. Fuzzy Chick Easter Greeting

An update of my PI5 tutorial, this tut shows how to create the fuzzies using Creative Type Effects.

26. Solarize Effect

Learn how to use Tone Maps and Hue & Saturation to mimic PhotoShop's Solarize filter effect.

25. IncrediMail Letter Styles

Here's how to use PI8 to make the graphics, then use Incredimail's Letter Creator to make your own email stationery.

24. Component Designer Web Page

Use the Component Designer's banners, buttons, bullets and separator lines to make an easily customized web page.

23. Blinkie

Make an animated blinkie graphic for your email or bb sig tags. It's easy when you use the Color Replacement Pen.

22. Printed Note Card

Use the Print Multiple command to print out original note cards and greeting cards.

21. Printed Business Card

Custom edit a business card from the EasyPalette's Template Library.

20. Printed CD Label

Use your own image to fill a CD label template. CD label UFO zip kit included.

19. Printed Valentine Card

Make and print original valentines using Print Multiple or by arranging multiple graphics in a single base image.

18. PhotoShop Brush Mask

Use PhotoShop Limited Edition to create a mask that you can import into PI to create lovely and whimsical photo effects.

17. New Year Teddy Bear

Learn how to make a fuzzy New Year teddy bear without using any third party filters to achieve a fuzzy fur look.

16. Cutting Out With the Lasso

It's easier than ever before to cut objects out of photos with the Lasso tool's new editable control nodes.

15. Web Album

Showcase a special photo collection with a super easy web album displayed in HTML or burned to a CD.

14. Photo Editing With Levels

Redistribute highlights and shadows to salvage dark photos with the new Level command.

13. Selection on Objects Halloween Pumpkin

Learn to make selections on objects to create shading on a country clip art-type Halloween pumpkin.

12. Gradient Filter

Use a two color Gradient Filter effect to correct unfortunate color casts or to create fantasy looks. You can choose from presets or create your own two color gradient filter.

11. Texture Filter

Use your own textures to apply the Texture Filter, or use mine to create a "Starry Night" texture on a photo.

10. Template Library Slide Show

Custom edit one of the clever, whimsical slide show templates, but keep in mind that they only display properly in IE.

9. Creative Transform Animation

Make an animation of a cat blowing up a mouse balloon right in the work space with new Creative Transform templates.

8. Cutout Text Button

Here's an easy way to use selections on objects to make a button (or other object) with cutout text.

7. Diffuse Glow Filter

Add a dreamy soft, ethereal look to your photos to turn them into works of art.

6. Packaging a Preset

It's easier than ever before to share presets with the EasyPalette's new Package command.

5. Animated Particle Snowglobe

New animated particles make it easy to make a snowglobe without even opening GIF Animator.

4. Slide Show Burned to a CD

Create a web slide show and burn it to a CD without ever leaving the work space!

3. Spot Filter

Highlight a photo's central focus and obscure the rest with this soft, gauzy filter.

2. Star Filter

Add a sparkling, starry highlight to photos with this new filter.

1. Color Range Selection Command

Any easy way to select and replace a background for fun, fantasy photo effects.


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