PI8 Printed Note Card

It's easy to use the Print Multiple command to make and print your own original note cards and greeting cards, like the folded card shown below.

printed note card

This tutorial is part of a series that shows how to use Print Multiple in useful printed projects. Other tuts in this series include: Printed CD Label, Printed Valentine Card and Printed Business Card.

Open up in the work space an image that you wish to use on your card. I'm using an edited photo of some Jamaican Caper flowers that grow in my yard. Using your own photos in note cards is a wonderful way to showcase them. Cards are an ideal way to use clipart CD's too, because most image software licenses permit you to make personal printed projects from the images.

Because most of the Print Multiple layouts use rectangular shapes, it's best to use an image that is rectangular (instead of square) in shape. My photo is 1600 X 1200 pixels, and this height-to-width proportion seems to work well. If you want to spare your original image from edits, hit Ctrl+D and use the duplicate to make your card, closing out the original.

Select the Text tool. Click in the base image and type whatever text you'd like to appear on the front of the note card. I've used Amazone BT,Size=30, White, 2D text to type in "Thinking of you..." Click to finish typing the text. Use the Pick tool to drag the text to its desired location on the front of the card.

Hit Ctrl+N. When the New Image dialog box opens, select the "Active image" option in the Image Size section. Make sure you have a white canvas, then click OK. This will make a new image the exact same size as the graphic you're using on the front of the card.

active image option

This new white canvas will contain the message on the inside of your card. While it is active, choose the Text tool. Click in the base image and type the text you wish to include inside the card.

I've edited the font color to black and typed in "And hoping your day is as wonderful as you are" (without the quotes). I've chosen a centered alignment for the text. To make sure the text is centered in the base image, while it's active choose the Pick tool. In the Attributes toolbar, select the "Center Both" option (circled).

center both

The white canvas looks like this.

The assembly method I've used in this tutorial is to print the outside of the card on one sheet of paper, and the inside message on a separate piece of paper. You can use plain paper for the inside of the card, or something prettier like vellum, parchment or another specialty paper. I think this is the easiest way to make a note card. However, later in this tutorial I'll show you how to make a quarter-fold card on which the front and inside are printed on one sheet of paper.

Now that you've edited the card to your satisfaction, it's time to print it. Make sure that the graphic you're using on the front of the card is the active image. Choose File, More Print Function, Print Multiple (Crl+Shift+P). Doing so will open the Print Styles screen. Choose a Paper Layout. I'm using the Avery C2352 greeting card layout, which makes 2 A6 portrait style cards on a single sheet of paper. Drag the image around within the layout's placeholders, and resize the image to make it fit by dragging on the bounding boxes around each image.

select a layout

Keep in mind that this is only one possible card layout. Check out some of the other layouts too, such as C2351 (Half sheet greeting card) or C2353 (4 postcards).

If you're planning to use the card stock or specialty paper, put it in your printer now. Choose File, Print to print out the cards. After printing them, close out the Print Styles screen to return to the work space.

Click on the blue title bar of the text insert image you're using on the inside of the card. Change the paper in your printer if you've used a heavy card stock for the front of the cards. Choose File, More Print Function, Print Multiple (Crl+Shift+P). When the Print Styles screen opens, you'll still have the same layout selected. Choose File, Print to print out the inside of the cards. When the insides of the cards are done printing, close the Print Styles screen.

Carefully cut each page in half. Then fold each note card in half with the image on top. Trim the cards as needed. Fold the inside message pages in half too, so that the message will show when the card is opened. Place the message inserts into the cards and fit them snugly against the top folds. You may want to trim the inserts so that they are slightly smaller (1/8" or so) than the outer card. Use a stick of glue to dab on the wrong sides of the inserts and press them against the outer cards. You only need a little glue to hold them in place.

insert placed in card

If you want to print out the front and back of a card on the same piece of paper, you can use a Print Multiple layout to make a quarter-fold card. But first you have to edit the image containing the text for the inside of the card. Make it the active image, then right click and Merge All. Choose the Transform tool. In the Attributes toolbar, rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise. This will flip the text so that it is facing in the right direction when it's time to print it.

With the Pick tool, click the blue title bar for the image you're using on the front of the card, making it the active image. Choose File, More Print Function, Print Multiple (Crl+Shift+P). Doing so will open the Print Styles screen. Choose the Avery C2355 note card layout, which is designed for Avery's perforated note cards. In this tutorial I'm going to just use plain card stock to make a card. Select and Delete all of the images in the layout except the one in the top right corner. Resize it or drag it around in the placeholder bounding box as necessary.

delete all but one

Now let's add the text insert image for the inside of the card. At the bottom of the left pane click "Next."

click Next

Doing so changes the left pane contents. Under "Source target," select the "Open it from workspace" option.

open from work space

Click Next again to change the left pane contents. You will see thumbnails of all of the images open in the work space. To print the card on a single piece of paper, drag from the text insert image thumbnail to the bottom left placeholder in the layout. You'll note that it is facing in the opposite direction from the top image. Resize and reposition as necessary.

drag to placeholder

Choose File, Print to print out the card. Close the Print Styles screen out.

Fold the card into quarters so that the photo is on top and the text image is inside. You will have to trim the card a bit with scissors or a paper cutter.

quarter fold card

This tutorial uploaded 2/7/03

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