PI8 Poser Post Renders

I often hear in 3D forums that you need PhotoShop or Painter to do post renders. But here's a little secret -- PI8 does wonderful Poser post renders. It's a great way to put your 3D Poser characters into a background and add special effects like this one (click image below to see it full size).

post render in PI8

If you're as taken with anime characters as I am, you'll love the little gal above. She is Koshini, a character for Poser with the Minx body textures and the KoShawnene armor set applied. This Koshini has cost me a young fortune in the last few weeks. I've even started a whole gallery of my Koshini images.

Once you've created your masterpiece in Poser, here's how to get it into PI for the finishing touches. Do a render of at least 150 dpi and check "Antialiasing." When the render is complete, save it as a TIF. Open up the TIF in PI, and you'll see that it's surrounded by the static broken line signifying a selection area.

TIF in workspace

Right click on it and choose Convert to object. The broken line will become active, indicating that it's now an object. Hit Enter and with white as the Background color, hit Delete. This will fill the background with white, but your object will still be there. Click on it to make it active.


Sometimes Poser renders yield unsightly "breaks" around joints, or body parts will poke through the clothing. While your object is active, you can use the Blur or the Clone Retouch tools, or the Paintbrush, to fix any problem areas. You can also edit color or contrast just as you would for any other object in the work space. Tinker with your Poser object until you're satisfied with it.

I wanted to add a sword and knife for a more warrior-like pose, so I made a sword myself with the Path Drawing tool. Nothing too fancy, just a prop. If you need a sword, you can get mine here. Alternatively, PhotoObjects have many wonderful objects you can use for images like this one.


I positioned the sword object over the Koshini object. Then I used the Eraser tool to erase the parts that aren't supposed to show, like she's gripping it in her hand. Remember, you can click Recover in the Attributes toolbar to restore parts that you erase in error.

erase near hand

I duplicated this sword and flipped it horizontally, then I erased the top part of it and turned it into a sword for her other hand.

make a sword

I selected all of the objects then right click, Merge as Single Object. Now for the background. I'm using this stunning photo by Nikita Creed, and with her kind and generous permission you may use it too. The photo (and other lovely ones if you are looking for backgrounds) is available free at Runtime DNA.

Depending on how big your Poser object is, you may have to resize your background image or crop part of it. Copy and paste your object into the background image.

paste object into background

Hit Enter to deactivate the object. Now that the object is no longer active, you can apply any necessary filters or effects to the background without affecting your object. I applied the Effect, Artistic, Painting filter, Template 26 with the Fineness edited down to 200. This filter gives a surreal look to the woods which is in keeping with the object's fantasy theme.

To get a softer, more mystical looking background, I applied the Effect, Photographic, Diffuse Glow filter, with Threshold=17 (less glow), Degree of glow=7 and Graininess=2 (white color). The filter creates a silver haze in the background which compliments the silver Koshini object.

background w/filters applied

I added a perspective shadow to the object by right clicking and choosing Shadow.

add a shadow

I wanted to add a sparkle to the sword and the knife, so first I right clicked, Merge All. Then choose Effect, Creative, Creative Lighting. I applied the Light Bulb effect, Range=15, Strength=30, Softness=55, Ambient light=100. In the Creative Lighting preview window, I moved the light effect to create a sparkling highlight on the tip of the sword.

lighting applied

Next, I applied the same lighting effect to the tip of the knife blade, but I edited the Range and Strength to much lower values to make a smaller sparkle.

And voila, it's done!

You can use this post render technique for all kinds of images. I did more or less the same thing in this post render of Koshini in front of a garden. Her fingernails, gloves and collar are all painted on. The studs in her collar are small silver ball stamps.

Finally keep in mind that you can also paint hair in the post render. For example, this is a little faery named Skye for Poser, with hair painted on in PI afterward. I used the Bristle Paintbrush, Grass preset in Paint as Object mode, which makes it very easy to add shading to the painted objects with the Dodge and Burn Retouch tools.

hair post rendered in PI

This tutorial uploaded 8/7/03

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