PI7/PI8/PI XL Valentine

This tutorial shows you how to use Print Multiple and two images to print up your own valentines. You can get the images for the valentine here. If you like this little cupid, you can get a larger version for your desktop here.

Happy Valentine's Day!

In case you're wondering, I made this cupid image in Poser, using my new character for the Millennium Baby, Jamie (coming soon). Postwork was done in PI XL.

Unzip the valentine_2004 zip file and open both images in the work space. You'll notice that the plain white one with text on it is upside down. Don't worry, it's supposed to be that way. You'll see why soon.

both images open

With the cupid image active, choose File, More Print Options, Print Multiple. Under "Paper layout" select Avery and the 8769(P) thumbnail.

select the layout

On the right side of the Print Styles dialog box you'll see that all four placeholders are filled with the cupid image. Leave the bottom right one alone, but click on and hit the Delete key to get rid of the other three.

delete all but one

If you need to, move the image around within the placeholder to insure that the "I Want You..." text is within the red lines (the printed area).

At the bottom left side, click Next.

click Next

The left pane of the screen will change to allow you to add other images to the placeholders. Select "Open it from the workspace" and click Next.

select another image

The left pane changes again. You'll see thumbnails of all images open in the work space. Select the one with the inside text.

select inside text thumb

Drag from this thumbnail over to the top left placeholder. The layout will look like the one shown below. See why the text was upside down? This way when the card is folded, the text will be facing the right way.

placeholders now

Now all you have to do is choose File, Print to print out your card. Fold it into quarters. Voila -- instant Valentine card! If you're feeling adventurous, try other Print Multiple layouts too.

This tutorial uploaded 2/12/04

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