PI8 Holiday Greeting Card

Are you tired of paying $20 or more per box for pretty holiday cards? This tut shows you an easy way to make your own inexpensive cards using Print Multiple.

greeting card image

You can even use my graphic featuring Clea, a Poser character I've created which is now available at Daz3D. She's holding a lovely pointsettia wreath by the talented Jaguarwoman. You can get the card graphic here in UFO format (if you like this image, you can get it as an 800X600 desktop here).

Open the graphic up in PI8. You'll notice that the text is printed backwards. Don't worry, it's supposed to be like that. Choose Edit, Rotate & Flip, Flip Vertically. The graphic will be re-oriented during printing.

Choose File, More Print Function, Print Multiple. Select the Avery Paper Layout from the dropdown list in the left pane. Scroll through the options and select C2351P-Greeting Card A5 (Portrait).

select layout

You'll see over in the right pane that the graphic appears on the bottom half of the layout. Note that flipping it vertically has positioned the graphic so that it will print correctly on the front of a folded sheet of paper.

You can move the graphic around to better center it within the placeholder. Move it slightly downward so that when you fold the paper later, the top of the graphic won't be cut off. This might cut off a little of the bottom of the graphic, but it's a fair tradeoff.

drag down slightly

Choose File, Print to print the front of the card. I'm using HP Every Day Photo Paper (Matte Finish), a nice heavy paper that takes colored ink well. Give the ink a minute to dry, then fold the paper in half.

Hit Ctrl+D to make a duplicate of the card graphic. With white as your background color in the Tool Panel, hit the Delete key to fill the new image with white. Close out the card graphic. Use a font, font size and color of your choice to type an inside greeting for the card.

inside text

Make sure the text is active, then choose Edit, Rotate & Flip, Flip Horizontally. After that, choose Edit, Rotate & Flip, Flip Vertically. Right click and Merge All. Yes, your text will be upside down and backwards.

rotated text

Choose File, More Print Function, Print Multiple. The same Avery template should be selected. Move the text image around in the placeholder as needed. Then choose File, Print to print it out.

Fold the paper in half and place it inside the paper with the graphic on it. I line up the folds, then put a dab of stick glue in the middle of the back of the insert's front and back pages. To keep the glue from wrinkling up, you can carefully place the entire card between two heavy books until the glue dries.

Here's a photo of the finished card.

finished card

Happy Holidays!

This tutorial uploaded 12/12/03

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