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Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials is my personal web site. On my personal site you will find these non-PI-related sections:

My handmade soap site, Sea Sprite Soaps, is now open. Try some beautiful, fragrant and luxurious homemade soap!

About Stephanie Information about me, my education and professional background, and how I got hooked on using PhotoImpact.

I have once again begun blogging at I'm Thinking About It.

I have several other web sites featuring domains named after my favorite fairy tale, "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." I now own a number of domain variations on the East of the Sun theme! The sites listed below are my other sites. They are not part of Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials.

East of the Sun Publishing has just released its fourth book, "The Panther and The Windigo," an exciting mystery for young readers 10-14 years old. You can buy my PI books and tutorials CD's here.

West of the Moon Graphics Gateway to my PI Tutorials site and my Faery Moon site which features my Poser 3D characters and free monthly faeries in PSD format.

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